Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men offers several different therapies because we know how important your sexual wellness is to your happiness and health. We are the erectile dysfunction clinic in Don Mills that understands all of the benefits that come with an act of love life.

The advantages include a better relationship with your partner, living longer and feeling great. That’s why we offer a variety of the latest most innovative treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Don Mills

Getting the proper erectile dysfunction treatment in Don Mills is important. Some of the symptoms that men experience that indicate they might need help include trouble getting and keeping an erection. Reduced sexual desire is another red flag.

It’s time to book an appointment with our clinic if you have concerns about the quality and sustainability of your erections. Other problems including delayed or premature ejaculation are indications that you should get in touch with us.

Following are a few of the treatments that have helped our patients regain their sexual health.

Shockwave Therapy for ED in Don Mills

Men who have tried other options and have not found satisfactory results should consider shockwave therapy for ED in Don Mills. This is also a good choice for those who have certain health conditions that limit their other avenues.

This procedure uses energy pulses which are like sound waves. Often there’s no discomfort felt by a patient during the procedure or afterwards. The benefits of this type of therapy include the fact it’s a low-risk treatment that is quite often painless.

There’s no prolonged recovery period and no additional risks for men who have complicating health conditions.

Injection Therapy for ED in Don Mills

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction that last for weeks or months should consider injection therapy for ED in Don Mills. Left untreated, this issue can have a negative effect on personal relationships.

These injections deliver different growth factors which can promote stronger erections and stimulate the healing process at the same time. Remember, these are created from a small quantity of the patient’s blood.

Other ED Treatments in Don Mills

It’s good to look at other ED treatments in Don Mills and not just rely on one. For example, what might work for one man might not be just as effective for someone else.

ED generally has different underlying causes which can be physical and/or psychological. Treating the root cause and not just the symptoms can dictate the kind of treatment a man chooses.

Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men offers a variety of different treatments like penile frenulectomy. This procedure helps to decrease any pain the patient might feel during intercourse.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the listed treatments and others through our erectile dysfunction clinic in Don Mills. Booking a consultation is the first step to regaining your sexual wellness.

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