VIASURE™ Shockwave Therapy Treatments for ED

What is ViaSure?

The ViaSure™ treatment stimulates healing processes at the cellular level  with SoftWave® Technology and restores spontaneity in patients’ lives. 

  • ViaSure is a shockwave device using Softwave’s electrohydraulic technology.
  • Patented technology reaches affected tissue at the cellular level to turn on the body’s natural healing process.
  • Increases blood supply, modulates inflammation, and stimulates and activates resident stem cells to repair and regenerate the tissue.

How it works

The aim of ED shockwave therapy (EDSWT) is to trigger regeneration of blood vessels in the penile shaft to support stronger, longer, and more satisfying erection. The use of shockwave therapy has been widely studied in various applications for decades. The science of SoftWave technology was built upon years of extensive extracorporeal shockwave (ECSW) that were studied and adapted for therapeutic use since the 1930s. 

ViaSure’s SoftWave™ Technology provides a safe and effective procedure to improve vascular related erectile function, restoring spontaneity in patients lives and improved intimacy. The ViaSure device is cleared to activate connective tissue, increase local blood circulation, and relieve minor muscle aches and pain. 

Compared to other shockwave devices, ViaSure’s focal point offers the largest coverage. The parallel waves created by the patented parabolic reflector in the handpiece, create a wide and deep treatment zone. The ViaSure device offers true shockwaves but with novel enhancement for safety and efficiency.

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Toronto ED Shockwave FAQ


ViaSure’s SoftWave® Technology provides a safe and effective procedure to increase blood flow and
restore spontaneity in patients’ lives. The benefits to ViaSure treatments include:

• Increased blood flow without drugs or surgery
• Safe and effective treatment with minimal side effects
• Well tolerated, with minimal to no pain
• Safe alternative or adjunct to medication
• Non invasive no downtime
• Quick in-office treatment
• Has an applicator that is easy to use, ergonomic, intuitive

The patented reflector design ensuring optimal, consistent coverage and depth of shockwave energy within the tissue. The design is scientifically proven to increase blood flow (angiogenesis) and restore smooth muscle cells to maintain tissue elasticity and keep blood from flowing out

Conditions Treated With EDSWT In Toronto

EDSWT takes under a half hour and you can return to sexual activity the same day. We can help.
Procedure details
01 - Process

In a private treatment room the shockwave wand is moved over the base and shaft of the penis, focusing energy waves on the arteries in the corpora cavernosa - the chambers in the penis that swell with blood to create an erection.

02 - Duration
EDSWT takes under a half hour, making the appointment easy to schedule for working men.Typically, a full treatment schedule involves multiple clinic visits over several weeks.
03 - Sensation
Patients do not experience pain or discomfort during the treatment. Some may feel tingling afterwards – like you might after your hand or foot falls asleep - due to increased blood flow.
04 - Downtime

There is no downtime or recovery period and you can return to sexual activity immediately. Full results typically occur after several weeks of treatment.

05 - Side Effects
There are no reports that show major risks or complications of shockwave treatment of the penis. There are no prescriptions to fill. Erection should occur naturally, supported by enhanced blood flow.


ViaSure’s SoftWave technology harnesses the therapeutic potential of shockwaves even for penile erectile tissue in safe, effective, and exciting ways – helping you achieve harder, longer-lasting erections.

Patients generally see results in several weeks and can retain those benefits for up to one year.

Shockwave therapy is an option that treats a physiological cause and requires no planning, pills, surgery, implants, and is non-invasive. Men who were forced to rely on PDE inhibitors can once again naturally and spontaneously respond to arousal. For those who cannot use medications, EDSWT opens a new path for regaining sexual wellness.

The ultimate goal of shockwave is to help you restore intimacy with your partner.

*Results may vary.