If you’re looking for an erectile dysfunction clinic in the Forest Hill area that understands how important sexual wellness is to your happiness and health, you’ve found the right place.

Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men offers personalized treatment plans that take into account the underlying causes of your issue as well as any lifestyle factors.

Remember, we have an excellent range of treatment options, and everything begins with a comprehensive and thorough evaluation.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Forest Hill

If you’re unable to achieve and maintain erections allowing for sexual function, you’re more than likely suffering from erectile dysfunction. Most men suffer from this issue occasionally. However, ED becomes a problem when it’s reoccurring. Research indicates this issue affects approximately 50% of men over the age of 40.

It’s important to remember this issue isn’t tied to sexual prowess or masculinity. What’s more, there’s a solution. There are erectile dysfunction therapy options that make it a treatable condition.

Some of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction include erections that are difficult to obtain and maintain during any type of sexual activity. Some men find they can’t achieve a satisfactory erection at all.

There’s no need to lose confidence in your ability. We supply erectile dysfunction treatment in the Forest Hill area that can enhance your intimate relationships and improve your sex life.

Like the following:

Shockwave Therapy for ED in the Forest Hill Area

Research has shown that shockwave therapy for ED can still have beneficial effects after one year. Of course, patients can always have additional treatments as they need them.

These treatments take under 30 minutes and you can resume normal sexual activity in the same 24-hour period as the session. There is no discomfort or pain experienced during the sessions. Some patients have reported a slight tingling sensation afterwards. This is similar to the feeling you get when your foot falls asleep and it’s due to the enhanced blood flow.

Injection Therapy for ED in the Forest Hill Area

This issue can be caused by several different variables including surgery to the bladder or prostate as well as Peyronie’s Disease. Obesity and tobacco use are two other contributing factors.

Injection therapy for ED in Forest Hill is a new treatment modality. It’s a process that’s been used in other areas like sports medicine plastic surgery as well as orthopedics. Elements drawn from the patient’s blood are the central part of this procedure which is simple and almost painless. The results are long-lasting and much better than the ones that you can achieve with creams, drugs, and other processes.

Other ED Treatments in the Forest Hill Area

We offer several other treatments to improve a man’s sexual health that include Neuromodulators and Trimix injections as well as therapy with a registered sex therapist.

Get in touch with our erectile dysfunction clinic in the Forest Hill area today so we can help you if you’re suffering from ED. Don’t forget to look at the reviews on our website from patients who have had their sexual health improved at our clinic.

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