Our erectile dysfunction clinic in the Newmarket area upholds the very highest standards of men’s sexual health care. At the same time, Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men treats all of our patients with respect, dignity and compassion.

Our clinic is happy to help with common concerns like premature ejaculation. The process starts with a confidential initial consultation.

Enhanced Sexual Function

The benefits of getting the right treatment include enhanced sexual function. That in turn boosts a man’s self-confidence and strengthens any of their relationships. Restoring sexual function has several different spinoff effects like improving the quality of life and a man’s overall perspective. Putting this part of someone’s life in order has some excellent psychological effects.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Newmarket

During your first consultation and appointment, you’ll become acquainted with Dr. Juta. You’ll receive a personalized assessment in a private meeting held in our clinic. We can also hold this initial consultation via telehealth.

No Referral Needed

There’s no need for a referral to start the process of erectile dysfunction treatment in Newmarket. Our clinic offers several different options ranging from counselling with a certified sex therapist to Trimix treatments.

You can read about one of the more popular choices below.

Shockwave Therapy for ED in Newmarket

Shockwave therapy for ED in Newmarket allows men to regain their natural responses to arousal. The low-intensity waves used in this treatment stimulate the regeneration and repair of aging blood vessels. Shockwave therapy is also thought to help stimulate and encourage the growth of brand-new ones.

These treatments have been successfully used in other areas of medicine including orthopedics.

Injection Therapy for ED in Newmarket

This treatment is a brand-new addition to the lineup we have at Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men. Injection therapy for ED Newmarket is designed to improve a man’s sexual health. It is thought to enhance the blood flow to the shaft of the penis to help men achieve and maintain better erections.

Several Potential Benefits

The potential benefits here include orgasm, better intimacy and amplified sexual satisfaction. This treatment draws ingredients from your blood that aid in the healing process. There are several other potential advantages including enhanced self-confidence and amplified pleasure and sensation.

Our clinic has several other treatments that are safe and effective. Successful sessions help to enhance the satisfaction men have in their relationships. Left untreated, erectile dysfunction can put a strain on intimacy.

Other ED Treatments in Newmarket

A penile frenulectomy is a treatment that involves removing restricting tissue. The result is increased sexual pleasure. Along with some others, we also supply the Adam Test for Testosterone deficiency.

Register at Our Clinic

Registration for our erectile dysfunction clinic in the Newmarket area is quick and efficient. We encourage men to fill out a simple form to get started. You can also get in touch with us by phoning or faxing our office.

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