Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men is the erectile dysfunction clinic in the Richmond Hill area that has an excellent range of different treatment options. We understand that ED can have several different causes.

That’s why we offer the most innovative effective treatments. Our priority is to attain and uphold the very highest standards of sexual health care for men.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in the Richmond Hill Area

There are several excellent reasons why you should choose us for erectile dysfunction treatment in Richmond Hill. First off, we focus on the services that we can excel at so we can offer every one of our patients the highest quality of care.

You will be able to get an initial consultation just days after your first contact. Precision Sexual Health Clinic for Men is proud that our team takes great pride in individualized care and personalized services.

Shockwave Therapy for ED in Richmond Hill

Research and clinical studies have found that shockwave therapy for ED in Richmond Hill is both safe and effective. There are some other excellent bonuses including the fact that only minimal side effects have been reported.

The effectiveness of this type of treatment has been documented in other fields of health care including pain management, physiotherapy, and urology. This is a good alternative if you have tried other erectile dysfunction treatments and have not had satisfactory results.

Some of the advantages to choosing this path include the fact it is considered safe with only minimal side effects reported. These include mild bruising and temporary discomfort. Both only last for a very short time and should not interfere with the patient’s normal routines.

Injection Therapy for ED in Richmond Hill

This innovation is effective because it treats erectile dysfunction with factors drawn from your blood. A proprietary process used in our clinic separates these factors. These injections are an excellent alternative for men who have health conditions that put them at risk for using other types of ED treatments.

Injection therapy for ED in Richmond Hill delivers long-lasting results that you can’t get with creams, drugs, and other types of treatment.

Other ED Treatments in Richmond Hill

We offer several different treatments for erectile dysfunction. Other ED treatments in Richmond Hill available include neuromodulator injections. This is one of the newest innovations designed to treat this issue. Published research has highlighted how effective these injections are. We also offer the services of a certified sex therapist to help people with their relationships.

A Sense of Well Being

ED treatments that are successful foster a sense of psychological well-being. Your relationships will be stronger, and many patients report lessening depression and anxiety.

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